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Artist Statement and CV

 My latest work is a series of figurative and narrative paintings. I am drawn to capturing expressions with a quality of psychological intimacy. My subjects are people in my personal life, affording me the opportunity to observe, interpret and mediate their natural demeanour. I am drawn to looking at physical spaces and props to create a painters world.

The process of drawing and painting is very important to me. I like to spend time connecting with the subject, making studies, constructing and deconstructing an image, and experimenting with different end results. My approach to painting is not linear; most of the time it is quite abstract and I feel as a result of this rigorous - and at times - volatile working method, my painting is emotively charged.

I have always been attracted to the thought-provoking qualities of narrative work by painters like Édouard Manet, Pierre Bonnard, Georges Braque, Dorothea Tanning, Paula Modersohn-Becker and Helen Frankenthaler. My work also references contemporary culture, arts and crafts movements and literature.

My experiences in motherhood has influenced my sketchbook work and subject matter. However, I am not interested in creating sentimental art, but capturing a force and dynamism within a world of childhood.


Elaine Woo MacGregor is a Scottish born Chinese artist trained in the Glasgow School of Art. Her work encapsulates the world seen through the eyes of a cross cultural artist. She uses eclectic mark making and imagery to create atmospheric and theatrical scenes. Although her painted stories are often fictitious, elements of the picture are based on real people, places and things. Her work has been shown in the U.K, U.S.A, Australia and Thailand.

Education, Residencies and Art Lecturing

1999 - 2003

BA (Hons) Fine Art Drawing and Painting


Elaine was an Artist in Residence in Amhuinnsuidhe Castle Estate, Isle of Harris in 2010, Vermont Studio Center, U.S.A in 2009 and Guizhou Art Academy, China in 2008.

Elaine is a passionate art lecturer and she is held in very high regard by her students and peers. She has been teaching at the Glasgow School of Art since 2008 and the Centre for Lifelong Learning at Strathclyde University since 2009. In 2019 she founded Linlithgow Art School, specialising in drawing and painting classes for both children and adults.

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